We help you derive maximum benefit from your web presence and other interactive technologies by analyzing your business objectives, your customers and audiences, your people and resources, and your real needs—this allows us to develop approaches that are both useful and cost-effective.

The CDS Web Services' web strategy process involves a thorough audit and assessment that culminates with the delivery of an action plan outlining the current situation and recommend high-level strategies and tactics that will allow you to achieve your corporate goals.

When undertaking a website audit and assessment, you should always remember that to understand usability and accessibility thoroughly you must first understand your primary and secondary users.

Accessibility is making your website available to those with common disabilities—building your site to be 508 compliant. Usability is a multidimensional attribute that relates to the impact a website has on its end-users. Usability of a website is measured by the efficiency with which its target audiences can perform required tasks. Best practices for usability and accessibility can only be derived from data and research into the user base and the experience users are having on your site. Best practices for websites should include the following aspects:

  • User goal directed design
  • A look and feel that supports business strategy and message
  • Speed, flexibility, and efficiency of use
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Correct information architecture / content hierarchy
  • Workflow and expectation management
  • Efficient and consistent language
  • Appropriate use of screen real estate
  • Error recovery / trust

If you’re interested in learning more about our web strategy process, please contact us by email or phone.