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  • You choose if you'd like to have your email automatically forwarded to another email address(s) or have web access via my servers.

Yes. I can set up email groups such as, which will automatically forward all incoming emails to each committee member's email address. Forwarding can include up to 15 email addresses.

Yes. Both virus and spam protection are already included on all email accounts. However, this is not a substitute for virus protection software you need to have installed on your own PC. Not all viruses come through email.

Anything you provide to me to put on your website is your property and continues to be your property. This also includes the domain name(s) I register for you, as long as you remain an active client with no past due invoices. Items I supply and place on the website plus the website's design, code and functionality remains the property of the person or organization that supplied it.

Initially, your involvement will include: picking the template, writing the text for the articles and documents/photos you wish to incorporate into the website. I take care of the design, adding pages/features, hosting for the website, registering the domain name and providing support. You will always be able to maintain your own content and documents by advising me of any and all desired changes.

I will not be able to take over your current website nor plug in my functionality without many compatibility issues. That's why I would have to create a new website for you using a template which I create for you with input from you. Content changes are available within the template so be sure to ask if you special requests.

Some of my competitors provide instant websites that are available as soon as you sign up. This is because they use automated template software that sets up all of the pre-designed code for your website. The end result is a "cookie cutter" website which restricts your ability to modify and personalize it to your unique needs.

I take a different approach. I will learn about your church and your desires to build a creative and flexible website just for you. This personal touch is how I ensure you and your congregation are proud of the end result.

After I have designed your template and I have received all of your articles, your website will be available within 36 hours.

Visit my templates page for instructions to inspect templates that will give you an idea of what we can do. You will be able to choose your own colors and placement of content. Many modifications to these designs are possible so if you have a special need please be sure to ask.

Absolutely! You can have whatever pages you would like on your website.

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