I develop a Joomla template just for you so you can choose any style template that you like. Below are 5 model templates with differing module locations that satisfy the needs of most clients. You can move the modules around to suit your needs. You can even take out or add a module. You choose the background and colors for your site.



You choose a background photo or color to use. Then you pick the wrapper (the area that contains your content) color or background photo. Each module row can have a background choices sm background color (or photo) also. You will also be able to pick a module title background, module border style module contents.

"Wow, so many choices! Can you simplify it a little for me?" you ask. Well, a few of my clients had rather pick a stock template instead which is perfectly acceptable to me. You can view my available stock templates by clicking here. Some like to pick a template and change a color or two to suit their needs. Either of these options are acceptable. I have a selection of stock templates available to choose from. You can view them here.

Another alternative that some clients like is to make their site look like another site that they have seen. In most cases I can do this also.

You can view the stock templates here.

If all this is rather confusing to you, please call me at 682-558-5822. As I explain it to you, you can ask questions to clarify anything you do not understand before I go on. This way you will be able to pick it up rather quickly.


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