The Next Phase of Evolution in Web Design and Development: Webmaster Services

CDS Web Services' team allows clients who want to outsource all or a portion of their webmaster responsibilities to tap into our team of talented professionals.

Rather than having to staff an entire IT department, we allow clients to access the power and skill of a complete web development team including project managers, online strategists, SEM professionals, information architects, designers, content managers, interface and application developers on an as needed basis.

We utilize a number of strategies and tools to ensure full coverage for the web properties we manage and maintain:

  • Dedicated Project Manager and Team Members

    CDS Web Services believes in building relationships with our clients, and we do this by dedicating our project managers and their teams to our clients’ projects. By doing this, we’re able to learn and understand the unique needs and goals of each client so well that we can even anticipate issues before they arise. When you become a client, you will get to know us just as well as you know your own employees.
  • Status Meetings / Status Reports

    CDS Web Services conducts weekly status meetings (conference calls, on-site or video conferencing) and sends weekly status reports that detail the activities, budget and tasks of the project at hand. We believe in total transparency in our client relationships, so you’ll always be up to date on exactly how things are progressing.
  • Cross-Trained Team

    For obvious reasons, CDS Web Services believes in resource redundancy and cross-training our developers. Although every team member is not in the office 100% of the time, web properties often need to be maintained 100% of the time. To ensure we have coverage, we always cross-train a number of developers so that they know the technical and information architecture of the web property and so that they understand the code base and practices needed to maintain the property.
  • Skilled, Full-Service Team

    CDS Web Services provides all of our maintenance clients with the power and skill sets of a complete web development team. Our clients can utilize any and all of the resources we have available in house and put them to work on any maintenance task. Your maintenance team’s expertise and experience covers the following tools and technologies:
    • Web strategy and online marketing
    • Information architecture and usability
    • User experience and user interface design
    • Web development
    • Flash, audio, video
    • SQL


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